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Footy 5000

Growing the game from down under up here, the good people at Footy 5000 are dedicated to helping develop the game of Australian Rules Football at a sustainable local level to facilitate the growth of the sport, as a whole in the USA. We here at Fort Myers Footy are proud to be affiliated with this initiative!

Footy 5000
The American League


The United States Australian Football League currently has close to 50 teams across the USA, from Florida to Washington State and from New England to Hawaii! And though Florida already has three teams, in Fort Lauderdale, Jacksonville, and Tampa Bay, one day, soon we hope, a team from Southwest Florida will be able to join the league and compete for premiership points! Check out the USAFL Web Site to learn more.

USAFL - Come Have a Kick

A welcome video from the United States Australian Football League.

USAFL - Join the Fun

Another great introductory video by the stateside footy league.

Minnesota Freeze

A news clip featuring one of the USAFL's northernmost teams.


Getting the essentials

Growth will not come easy, but then again, few things worthwhile ever do. But fortunately, we have friends to help us out along the way. The fine folks at Play Aussie are expat Australians who want to help spread the great game here in the USA. They offer just about everything you need to get started in their Online Store.


americans talking footy

Check out these fun and informative podcasts about Australian Rules Football by some American friends of ours.

A Yank on the Footy

A Yank on the Footy

An American's look at Australian Rules Football out of Sandusky, Ohio.

AFL Obsessed

Based in New York City, this podcast offers an American perspective on Australian Rules Football, discussing and celebrating all things related to footy.

Donnies Disposal

4th and Long

Your source for sports analysis, interviews with the pros, and much more. Though they cover many sports, the Donnie's Disposal episodes are all about footy.

so, Feel Like Having a kick?